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Attendance Policy

iA Attendance Plan

Dear Parents/Guardians and Scholars,

Our primary goal at Innovation Academy is to ensure that your child receives the best education possible. Consistent attendance at school is an absolute requirement for that goal to be achieved, and it is required by Tennessee State law.

This plan explains the steps iA will take to promote consistent scholar attendance. It also describes the parent/guardian’s responsibilities to ensure your child attends school. The attendance plan is divided into Tiers 1 through 3, with each Tier designed to address an increasing number of absences.

This plan will be communicated to stakeholders via posting on the iA website. The posting will be followed by a school all-call informing stakeholders where to access the information. Additionally, homeroom teachers will review the plan with all scholars as part of their start-of-school discussions about expectations.

iA Attendance Plan

 Tier 1 - Directed to All Scholars


Days Absent  Action
 0  School counselors meet with all scholars who missed 15+ days the previous year.
   Letter sent home requiring those scholars to have doctor’s note for absence to be excused.
   School promotes good attendance with morning announcements.
    School promotes good attendance by advertising Perfect Attendance rewards.
1 - 4   Teacher will attempt to contact home at 3 days absent
   Parent note or doctor’s note is required for absence to be excused


 Tier 2 - Directed to Scholars with 5 + Absences


 Days Absent  Action
 5  5 Day Letter mailed to the home. Parent/guardian called to schedule a meeting.
   Parent/Guardian and scholar are required to attend meeting to determine the reason for absences.
   Parent and scholar are required to sign an “Attendance Contract.”
  School counselors will begin monitoring attendance to provide support to scholar.
  School social worker will provide support to families experiencing hardships that affect school attendance. 
   If the parent/guardian cannot attend meeting, a 2nd meeting will be scheduled. If parent/guardian misses
   2nd meeting, school will move to Tier 3 actions.


 Tier 3 Directed to Scholars When Tiers 1 and 2 are not Successful

Tier 3 is described as 5 + absences when Tier 2 interventions are not successful. In addition to ongoing Tier 2 actions, the following steps will be taken by the school to promote attendance:                            

 • School social worker and administrator will visit the home.
 • A referral will be made to DCS.
 • A Truancy Referral will be made to Student Services